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Meticulous Leather Repair in Plaistow, N.H.


We repair leather, vinyl, or cloth and do windshield repairs in Plaistow N.H. and the surrounding communities of Salem, NH, Derry, Lawrence and Haverhill, MA and the North Shore.

   My seat repair, windshield repair, and reconditioning services are either mobile, or at my shop, at JTS Auto and Truck, in Plaistow, NH.  Repair damage inside of your vehicle or windshield prior to sale or Lease Turn In (LTI), or just wish to preserve that which you have.  Come on in and get the repairs done before it spreads
    These pages are full of samples of my work, to show you how you will benefit by a visit to my shop.  While your damaged car interior is fixed, please browse the inventory, as there are a lot of great used cars and trucks to choose from.    J.T.S. staff are highly proficient at finding special vehicles for customers, too.  If you don't find what you seek, have them locate it for you!
Here are links to more before and after PICTURES of our:  
Steering wheel leather repair   Closeup of repair leather damage in NH   After Southern NH Leather Repair

Vinyl Repair 

Leather Repair in NH

Cloth and Velour Repair

Carpet Redye

Before cloth repair in NH   Cloth car Seat Repair in NH  After Car Seat Repair in NH
 Yes, these are real results from the same vehicles!  Same cloth seat repairs, same leather repair on a steering wheel in my shop!  I PLEASE my car seat repair customers each day.  These are solid, lasting car interior repairs.
We do Leather and vinyl repairs, cloth repairs, and windshield repairs in Plaistow, NH and Lawrence Massachusetts area.  My shop is located at the southern NH used car dealership, JTS Auto and Truck, 87 Plaistow Rd. in Plaistow, NH.

Why J.T.S. Auto and Truck?  I chose Plaistow, NH used car dealership J.T.S. Auto and Truck because they have core values of Honesty, Integrity, and the desire to be truly competitive in todays market.  They have a desire to offer service which is unheard of today, and values which one would normally associate with earlier times.

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Services Offered by NH Leather Repair (Please follow links for photos of each repair type.)Other Services at J.T.S. Auto and Truck
We offer
  • Full Auto Body Shop with Paint Booth
  • Full-time Mechanic on duty with 3 lifts
  • N.H. State Inspections
  • Extremely knowledgeable staff
  • Rapid Financing for all credit types
  • 100,000 mile, 5 year warantee for any car or truck (even if not purchased here)  

    WHY bring your Lease Turn In to J.T.S. Truck and Auto?  Because of FREE money saving estimates, alternatives and ideas?  It is NOT just because you have all you need here when seeking dependable used cars, with courteous and polite staff, working hard to deliver prompt service.  Please bring your LTI here to save money, because we will treat you right each time we see you.  We can fix everything from Koolaid stains on carpets, to screwdriver holes through any seat, to cracked dashboards, burned headliners, burnholes on carpets, dents in a fender...  These items all can cost a lot of money when you turn in your lease.  We long for the chance to earn your patronage, and will be happy to save you 80% of those LTI costs in so doing...
PICTURES of Leather Repiar, Vinyl Repair, Cloth Repair, Windshield Repairs, Carpet Redye, Carpet Stain Removal in the Plaistow, N.H. area...  YES... we can do all of this to save you money!

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Leather and Vinyl Repair in Haverhill, MA 603-318-5781
Cloth Seat Repair in Haverhill, MA 603-318-5781
Sofa Repair in Haverhill, MA 603-318-5781
Sofa Repair in Noth Andover, MA and North Shore
Seat Repairs in Seabrook, NH and Rye NH 603-318-5781
Leather, vinyl, cloth, windshield repairs and sofa repairs in Derry and Salem, NH, Atkinson, NH, Kingston, NH and Lawrence, MA please call Scott at 603-318-5781.

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Windshield Repair in Manchester, NH 603-771-3197
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Car interior repairs Manchester, NH 603-771-3197
Leather Dying in Manchester,  NH 603-771-3197
Seat Repairs in Manchester, NH 603-771-3197
Leather, vinyl, cloth, windshield repairs and sofa repairs in Derry, Salem, NH, Concord, NH, Hooksett, NH, Milford and Goffstown, NH... please call Tyson at 603-771-3197.